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Desirae Hutchinson, LMFT

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in California (LMFT 48581) with over 15 years of experience. My passion is to be a guide to help you with whatever life issues you are struggling with, and to be a source of support to you as you learn the coping skills needed to overcome these often overwhelming difficulties life has a tendency to throw our way. I am passionate about meeting my clients where they are at. This often means their physical location, not just where they are emotionally. 

I saw such a need for my clients to have convenience, not worrying about making it to a office, getting a parking spot, getting their kids watched, or missing sessions because they just could not make it on time. This is why I am completely “on-line”.  This has been such an amazing opportunity to watch people thrive while having the convenience of setting the location they feel most comfortable with.

My background? I have worked in various settings and as such, have experience in treating a diverse population and cultures with a variety of issues some being physical and sexual abuse, LGBT, adoption, infertility, family reunification, divorce, depression, anxiety, premarital counseling, couples, parenting, blended families, self-esteem as well as adults with ADHD. I work with Adults &  Couples.

I am so honored to be chosen by you as you navigate the challenges you are facing. I encourage you to take that next step into healing, and remind you it can get better.  Let’s work together to achieve your goals. Simply click on my schedule and make a appointment that works for you.  



 Written by A.U. on Feb 20, 2020 after counseling with Desirae for 4 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, parenting issues, self esteem, coping with life changes, coaching, and compassion fatigue: Desirae has met me right where I am at! I feel heard, seen and validated by Desirae. She’s easy to connect with and she’s fun and funny too. She has a good balance of being kind and direct which is exactly what I need.

 Written by D.A. on Feb 20, 2020 after counseling with Desirae for 3 weeks Desirae has been sincere, honest and extremely helpful, insightful and faithful. I truly appreciate what she has said to me!

 Written by T.A. on Feb 14, 2020 after counseling with Desirae for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, career difficulties, coping with life changes, and adhd Desirae is an amazing counselor. I’ve been in and out of therapy for most of my life as a teenager and an adult. She has been one of the most helpful and life changing ones in just the short 4 weeks I’ve been working with her. I feel like there is actually light at the end of the tunnel. She is great at listening and presenting different ways of looking at something differently without making you feel wrong. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

Written by A.B. on Feb 13, 2020 after counseling with Desirae for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, sleeping disorders, and self esteem, Desire Hutchinson is such an amazing person. During our session she makes me feel happy and safe. I am very relaxed when I am speaking to her and she gives amazing examples. I am extremely comfortable with her and she is very genuine. I would 100% recommended her. You wouldn’t regret it!

Written by T.L on Jan 30, 2020  after counseling with Desirae for 8 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse I have had so much anxiety causing me to re schedule my in person therapy appointments in the past. I was not sure about teletherapy, and I can tell you it has allowed me to work on my anxiety and with a AWESOME therapist. On line has afforded me so much freedom and Desirae Hutchinson has made such a huge difference in the two months I have worked with her. I have not missed a session yet, I owe that the Desirae and her patience and understanding of my anxiety. Work with her you will not be disappointed. I have had over 5 therapist in my life and I swear this is my last one! 

Written by M.K. on Feb 28, 2020 after counseling with Desirae for 6 weeks on issues concerning  parenting  issues,relationship issues: My partner and I have tried counseling before, and it has never worked for us, one or both has not felt like the counselor gets us or our issues of being in a blended gay relationship. I am not sure if Desirae is gay or lesbian, but let me tell you she gets it. She is thoughtful and understanding to the issues that we are up against not just as a blended family but as a couple faced with many challenges. Work with her you will not be disappointed. She will be so patient with you and make both of you feel you are right. She provides such amazing insights we often think she is in our house watching us that is how much she gets it. We are so blessed to have clicked on her. 

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