What is Teletherapy?

Also known as e-therapy, online counseling, web therapy, cyber counseling, and more.  No matter what you call it, they all describe the same thing. Which is providing assistance and guidance in personal, social, or psychological problems  via a live video connection. You will receive the same treatment as you would seeing me in my office, just now via your computer, iPhone, iPad, tablet, or android, however you connect to the internet, and from wherever you are.  For further information click the video below.

What are the Benefits to Teletherapy?

  • Convenience  – you choose the location whether it is the comfort of your home, car, kids pick up line, office, board room or bed you just should ensure you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Saves Time  –  no sitting in traffic to get to the appointment, reducing the amount of time needed to set aside for your session due to no drive time, parking, etc.
  • Reduced cost, allowing you to schedule during children’s nap time, lunch hours, during commute vs taking time off work or hiring a sitter. 
  • Comfort – anonymity, eliminates the fear of running into friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. in a office waiting room.
  • Social Anxiety – connecting via phone or live video gives you the ability to work on reducing any social fears in a safe convenient environment.

For an appointment, please call 951-515-2838

Online Counseling